Workshop on pharmacological education
and teaching
Sunday, July 2: 13:00 – 18:00 (Meeting room 1)

Threshold concepts in veterinary pharmacology, what, why and how?

Passionate about veterinary pharmacology education? What are the transformative, irreversible, integrative, bounded, and inherently troublesome concepts for your students?

Threshold concepts have been defined as ‘portals’ that lead to a transformed way of understanding or thinking. They enable learners to progress whilst utilizing the knowledge of the concept and the discipline and have been adopted to inform teaching approaches and curriculum design.

In this interactive workshop we will discuss and define the major threshold concepts in veterinary pharmacology and in the second part of the workshop we will address ways to approach teaching of these concepts.

In the first half of the afternoon, we will discuss and define threshold concepts in veterinary pharmacology, based on previously identified concepts. What technical and medical terms do your students struggle with, and how well are they able to transfer pharmacological principles from theory to practice?

In the second half of the afternoon, we will address the how: what makes the concept relevant to clinical practice and what is the best way to teach the concepts we have identified in the first half of the workshop?

EAVPT member: € 60,00
Non-member: € 100,00
Student/Resident: € 60,00