VetCAST workshop on Quantitative methods for determination of clinical breakpoint

Wednesday, July 5: 14:00 – 17:00 and Thursday, July 6: 08:00 – 17:00

VetCAST workshop 2023: Quantitative Methods for Veterinary Clinical Breakpoint Determination

This hands-on workshops will illustrate the VetCAST methodology for the determination of clinical breakpoint (CBP). It will use real PK data from the example of penicillin in horses processed in a Non Linear Mixed Effect model (NLME, Phoenix, Certara):

  • Basic plotting and data exploration in the Phoenix interface.
  • Performing initial Non Compartmental Analysis to determine starting values
  • Step by Step building of a bespoke population PK model in the Phoenix interface, initially with data from intravascular administration and combining data from and extravascular administrations
  • Performing Monte Carlo simulation to compute PKPD Cut-off for 2 clinical uses:
    • Intramuscular administration (routine use)
    • Extended infusions in intensive care setup
  • Combination of PK-PD cut-off with epidemiological cut off (ECOFF) to compute the clinical breakpoint (CBP)

The course will be divided into didactic presentations and hands-on exercises with tutors. A license of Phoenix will be provided for attendees to install on their PC ahead of the workshop (not MAC compatible). You will also receive at the same time as your license the Phoenix file of the workshop as you will have to redo it. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the objectives to be achieved, in particular to write the code in textual mode.

The attendees would need to have a good preliminary understanding of pharmacokinetics principles and of the Phoenix interface (or at least NLME on another software). This other workshop could be a good preparation.

It should be noted that exactly the same type of modeling can be done in the context of doping control and that this workshop can benefit all those who have meta-analysis to carry out and Probability of Target Attainment (PTA)  to calculate, whatever the field of application.

Expression of interest for this workshop can be made now to Ludovic The final decision to organize this workshop will be taken, based on number of participants, at the beginning of May.

Main Tutors: Ludovic Pelligand (Royal Veterinary College, London) and Pierre-Louis Toutain (Royal Veterinary College, London and Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse)

Additional Tutor: Taisuke Kuroda Clinical Veterinary Medicine Division Equine Research Institute, Japan Racing Association, Shimotsuke, Japan.


Residents / PhDs : € 200,00
Academics / Agencies: € 400,00
Industry : € 800,00